Four County EMC Delivers Over $2.4 Million In Capital Credit Refunds to Its Members

The Cooperative is refunding over $2.4 million to active and past members. The refund represents 100% of each member’s share of the remaining margins for 1995, and 10% of 2018. Members qualifying for these margins will receive a refund check in early December. Any member whose share of the margins is less than $25.00 will not receive a check; instead, the amount will be credited to their December electric bill.

“At the end of each year, we allocate left-over earnings to our members.” commented Chief Executive Officer Mitchell Keel. “Our members enjoy a significant benefit from the Cooperative way of business.”

Four County Electric Membership Corporation serves over 32,500 members in Bladen, Duplin, Pender, Sampson, Columbus and Onslow counties