Energy Star logoEnergy Star Appliance Rebate Program

With documentation and proof of purchase of a qualified ENERGY STAR appliance Four County members are eligible for a $50 rebate.

Remember, when buying an appliance it has 2 price tags — what you pay to take it home and what you pay for the energy and water it uses.

ENERGY STAR® qualified products and practices help you save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by:

Heat Pump Rebates

Heat pump rebates are available for any member that installs a 16 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) or greater heat pump. This applies to new construction or retrofits.

Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate

Purchase an ENERGY STAR® Heat Pump Water Heater and receive a $300 rebate from Four County EMC.

Solar Water Heater Rebate

Four County EMC members who are using electric water heating are available to take advantage of our solar water heating rebate if they choose to convert to a solar thermal unit with electric backup.