NC Green Power

Earth-Friendly Renewable Energy

Four County members have access to renewable energy through NC GreenPower. The program operates upon voluntary participation by members who elect to contribute at least $4 a month on their utility bill to help support a cleaner environment through electricity produced from renewable resources.

Formed in 2003, NC GreenPower is an independent nonprofit whose mission is to expand public knowledge and acceptance of cleaner energy technologies to all North Carolinians through local, community-based initiatives. For every $4 donated, 125 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of renewable energy is supplied to the electric grid in North Carolina from greener sources like the sun, wind, and organic matter. In addition, a portion of each donation provides grants to their K-12 Solar+ Schools program for educational solar installations.

None of the utilities participating in the NC GreenPower program keep these funds; all contributions are forwarded by the utilities directly to NC GreenPower for the purchase of renewable energy for the North Carolina electric grid. Contributions are tax-free and qualify as a tax-deductible contribution for income tax purposes.

The NC GreenPower Solar+ Schools grant application opens annually from January 2 through February 28. All K-12 schools in North Carolina are eligible to apply. Please visit the NC GreenPower website for more information: