Safety Demonstrations

Offering safety demonstrations to schools and organizations in our service area.

Safety Demonstrations for Our Service Area

Safety is a top priority at Four County EMC, and our precautionary programs are extensive. As we are committed to our communities, it would be a privilege to share our knowledge with the children we serve.

Our safety demonstrations include a video, oral presentation and a scale model of an electrical system just like the one in everyone’s neighborhood.

The program length is approximately one hour, free of charge, and is targeted to third graders. However, it is a good program for smaller groups like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and 4-H Clubs.

Four County also has a safety exhibit which will showcase the Cooperative’s “Live Line Trailer.” Four County employees designed the unit to use as a training tool for its employees and as an educational tool in demonstrations at community events and schools. This trailer has actual poles and high voltage lines for a very realistic demonstration. This demonstration will target all age groups.

Schedule a Demonstration

Please feel free to call 1-888-368-7289 or email to schedule a demonstration.

Burgaw, Elizabethtown & Rose Hill

Brent Croom, Director of Safety, Training and Loss Control

Phone: 1-888-368-7289

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