Operation Roundup

Operation Round Up® is a program which was established in 1994 to provide assistance to Four County members who find themselves in unexpected, crisis situations beyond their control (illness, injury, loss of job, house fire, natural disaster), and to fund non-profit organizations which provide services and support to Four County communities.

Since the program’s inception in 1994, more than $3.4 million has been awarded to Four County EMC members in crisis situations and non-profit organizations that provide assistance and services to the Cooperative’s members.

What member needs or organizations are funded?

Essential needs not met through other means may include food, clothing housing, medical expenses and equipment, etc. Organizations funded include volunteer fire departments, literacy councils, Special Olympics, children/youth and senior citizens programs, food banks, and domestic violence shelters.

Who approves applications for Operation Round Up® funding?

The Operation Round Up®TRUST Fund is administered by a nine-member Board of Directors. Board members are community leaders from across the Four County service area who meet every other month to consider applications received. These Board members take very seriously their responsibility to investigate all requests for funding and make awards to individuals who have the most serious needs and organizations who provide services and support for Four County communities.

Each month, participating members’ electric bills are “rounded up” to the next whole dollar. For example, if your electric bill is $52.71, you will be billed for $53.00. The difference goes into the Operation Round Up trust Fund. The average contribution per member a year is $6.00. Operation Round Up® contributions are tax deductible.

Over 27,000 Four County members currently participate in Operation Round Up® and contribute only pennies a month; however, these pennies add up to over $13,000 a month. If you do not currently participate in Operation Round Up®, e-mail roundup@fourcty.org and tell us to “Sign me up!” We’ll take care of it for you. Together we can see over and over again that “small change really does change lives.”

How to Apply:

Click the links below to download and print the instructions and applications.

Apply for Operation Round Up® Funds

In order to apply for funding, you must be an active member of Four County Electric, in other words, receive your electricity from Four County. Organizations do not have to receive their electricity from Four County; however, they must serve Four County members.

Those in need of funding may pick up an application from any Four County office.

Is there a power outage in your area?

When there's an emergency, we respond promptly and efficiently to any report in your community or neighborhood.