Management & Board

View our management team and board of directors.

Board of Directors

Standing: (l-r)

Steven Matthis, West Sampson Directorate District; Carlton Raynor, East Duplin Directorate District; Clayton Hollingsworth, At-Large Member; R. W. Blanchard, Jr. East Sampson Directorate District; Ronald J. Allen, West Bladen Directorate District; Kenneth Thornton, Jr., Vice President, East Bladen Directorate District; and Arlester Fullwood, At-Large Member.

Seated: (l-r)

S. Eugene Jordan, Secretary/Treasurer, West Pender Directorate District; S. Franklin Williams, President, West Duplin Directorate District; Bertice L. Lanier, East Pender Directorate.

Bladen County

Ronald J. Allen
Kenneth Thornton, Jr., Vice President

Sampson County

R.W. Blanchard, Jr.
Steven Matthis

Duplin County

S. Franklin Williams, President
Carlton Raynor

At Large

Arlester Fullwood
Clayton Hollingsworth

Pender County

Gene Jordan, Secretary/Treasurer
Bertice Lanier

Management Team

Don Gatton

Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Kent

Vice President Information Technology

Greg Sager

Vice President Member Services

Aaron Ellis

Staff Attorney

Gary Chitwood

Chief Financial Officer

Gregg Cohn

Vice President Engineering

Scott Cook

Vice President Operations

Jennifer Hedge

Vice President Human Resources

Other Contacts

Consulting Engineers

Booth & Associates

5811 Glenwood Avenue, Ste 109
Raleigh, NC 27612


Accounting Services

Brown, Edwards & Company, LLP

319 McClanahan Street, SW
Roanoke, VA  24014


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