Isaias Updates

Please see the content below for updates regarding Isaias.


8/4 – 8:40 pm – We currently have 165 members without power. Of that, 142 are in Pender County and 23 are in Duplin County. We really appreciate the kind words and patience shown today. Here’s a few pictures that were taken earlier.






8/4 – 6:00 pm – We currently have 994 members without power. Crews are still out working to restore power as safely and quickly as possible. Duplin has 586, Pender has 355, Sampson has 41, and there’s a handful out in the rest of our territory. Thank you for your continued patience.

8/4 – 3:00 pm – We currently have 1,619 members without power. As a breakdown, that’s 735 in Pender, 644 in Duplin, 227 in Sampson, 8 in Columbus and 5 in Bladen. There’s a graphic below that explains the order in which we restore power as well as some more photos of damage from the storm. If you look at the restoration graphic, we have mostly completed the main distribution lines and have begun working on the tap lines. Thank you for your kind words and continued patience. We will keep working until power has been restored.














8/4 – 12:30 pm – We currently have 4,252 members without power. Around 3,600 of those are in Pender and Duplin Counties. Crews are working throughout the territory and we are finding a lot of broken poles that need replacing as well as several downed wires. Thank you for your patience as we work to restore power as safely and quickly as possible. The picture is from Rocky Point.








8/4 – 9:05 am – We currently have around 9,663 members without power. That’s around 6,100 in Pender, 1,969 in Duplin, 800 in Bladen, 650 in Sampson and around 70 each in Columbus and Onslow Counties. We have our crews as well as crews from other areas working to restore power as safely and quickly as possible. We’ve added some pictures of some of the damage to this post. Thanks again for your patience as we work to restore power.










8/4 – 6:40 am – We currently have around 10,400 members without power. We have crews working throughout our service territory to get power restored as safely and quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience and kind words. We will continue posting updates throughout the day today. Please see Greg Sager’s video update posted below.

8/3 – 11:45 pm – The roughest part of the storm has arrived in our territory. We now have around 1,500 people without power and have had to call the crews back in due to the weather conditions. We expect that number to continue to rise over the next few hours and will send the crews back out as soon as it’s safe for them to resume restoration. We appreciate your patience and please stay safe.

8/3 – 11:00 pm – We currently have some scattered outages affecting around 73 members. Crews are still out working to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. We will continue working outages until winds are in excess of 35 mph. At that point, the crews will come back in until wind speeds have decreased below that threshold. We will continue to post updates periodically overnight and more frequently tomorrow. Stay safe, everyone.

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