Annual Meeting Notice

Join Us on October 10th for the Annual Meeting!

Four County EMC’s 2022 Annual Meeting is being held at the Duplin Events Center located at 195 Fairgrounds Drive in Kenansville. Every Cooperative member is encouraged to attend this once-a-year event to cast your vote for Cooperative directors, share in community fellowship, and learn more about the cooperative and the seven principles the organization abides by. All employees will be present at the event. This is a great opportunity to greet your board of directors, meet those member service representatives you have spoken with on the phone, and the linemen that help keep your lights on. Each year the company also gives back to the members via prize giveaways! Attending members are entered to win a bill credit, multiple prize give-a-ways, and the grand prize of a 2015 Ford Escape SUV. Drawings will take place at the meeting and the winners will be awarded their prizes that night!


The meeting will be held on Monday, October 10, 2022. Members can register as early as 5:00 pm and refreshments will be available at this time. The evenings’ entertainment will begin at 5:30 p.m. The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. Look for your annual meeting registration card and official notice of the meeting on the front cover of the October issue of the Carolina Country magazine. Please bring this card with you to expedite the registration process.

Children’s Area

This area is designated for children from the ages of 4-9 years old. This fun, safe, and secure area is available at the beginning of the meeting and parents are to pick their children up promptly after the meeting ends. Members will sign their children into the children’s area before the meeting starts.

The Meeting

The business portion of the meeting will consist of reports on the progress of the Four County EMC organization during the previous 12 months. Updates on the financial status, programs, and plans will be discussed, as well as the election for the three directors.


Abiding by Four County EMC’s set bylaws, a committee is appointed prior to each annual meeting to nominate directors to fill any expiring seats.

The 2022 Nominating Committee consists of:

James Potter                  East Bladen

Gwendolyn Sutton         At-Large

Scott Brown                  East Duplin

Henry T. Smith             West Duplin

Daniel Carr, Jr.             At-Large

Gordon McIntyre          West Pender

C. Johnson, Jr.             West Sampson

Henry Lucas, Jr.            East Sampson

Tom Lancaster              West Bladen

Kenneth Lanier             East Pender


Terms of the following three directors expired as of this year: Bertice Lanier – East Pender; Kenneth Thornton, Jr. – East Bladen; and Clayton Hollingsworth – At Large. These directors are running for a three-year term. The nominating committee nominated these three directors at its August 3rd meeting and will be presented for election on October 10th, 2022.


Proxy Voting

If you are unable to attend this meeting, you can still vote by using a proxy* form. Proxy forms will be available on the reverse side of your registration card that will appear on the cover wrap of the October issue of Carolina Country magazine. Any member may vote his or her vote and one (1) proxy vote on behalf of one residential member and (1) one additional proxy vote on behalf of members such as churches, businesses, organizations or similar groups, provided the member is so designated as the authorized representative of the organization. Moreover, all proxies must be valid as determined by the Credentials and Election Committee.


To assign your proxy vote to another member, you must fill out the information on the back of the registration card, including the name of the person you give your proxy. Please date and sign your name to the proxy and have someone witness your signature.


Mark your calendars to attend this year’s annual meeting of the members on Monday, October 10! Registration starts at 5:00 p.m. and the meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. We hope to see you there!


* Proxy forms are not eligible for prizes.


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