Who approves applications for operation round up funding?

Operation Round Up Trust Fund administered by a 9-member Board of Directors:

  • Board members are community leaders from across the Four County service area
  • The Board meets every other month to consider applications received
  • These Board members take their responsibility very seriously, investigating all requests for funding
  • Awards are made to individuals who have the most serious needs and organizations who provide service and support for Four County communities

How Does Operation Round Up Work?

  • Each month, participating members' electric bills are "rounded up" to the next whole dollar
    • For example, if your bill is $52.71, you will be billed for $53
  • The difference goes to the Operation Round Up Trust Fund
  • Average contribution per member each year is $6
  • Operation Round Up contributions are tax-deductible!
  • Over 27,000 Four County members currently participate in the program
  • Though individual contributions are only pennies a month, these pennies add up to over $13,000 a month