Exceptional Construction Site Waiver

I understand that it is my responsibility to locate and identify my underground facilities i.e., water lines, electric lines, sewage/septic tank lines, drain lines, etc., that may interfere with the installation of Four County EMC facilities at this location.

I also understand that the property or properties on which construction of electric service is requested from Four County Electric Membership Corporation may require heavy equipment or unusual procedures for installation. Accordingly, I hereby release Four County Electric Membership Corporation and its contractors from the liability of damages such as, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Deep tracks or ruts caused by vehicles and equipment entering or leaving property.
  2. Cracked cement or asphalt in driveways.
  3. Cracks or cave-in of driveway tile.
  4. Disturbed septic systems (tank lines).
  5. Broken or disturbed water lines or outlets.
  6. Crops in field.

I also understand that Four County Electric Membership Corporation will make all reasonable efforts to protect my property from damage.

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