Child Safety

Educate your children about electricity and its dangers to prevent accidents.

Keeping Our Children Safe

Electricity is a necessity.

However, extra precautions are needed to minimize the potential of electric shock hazards in the home. Educating children about electricity and its dangers can help prevent accidents.

While at play outdoors, they should never play near power lines.  Kites and model airplanes should always be flown in an open field. If any object becomes caught in the power lines or on electrical equipment, never try to retrieve it. Call your power company and let the pros handle removing the object.

Children are always exploring. By climbing up trees or on top of structures they decrease the clearance between power lines and themselves. They should be warned of the potentially dangerous situation.

Underground Cables

Underground cable is being used more and more to provide service to homes and businesses. Children must know not to dig in areas with underground wires.

Along with the underground wires are ground-mounted transformers and switching cabinets. This electrical equipment should be off limits. Please report any open or damaged equipment to your local utility immediately.

Childproofing Outlets

Childproofing outlets is another way to eliminate potential hazards.

Children will often try to insert objects into outlets. These objects range from keys to screwdrivers and even tiny fingers. For little cost and effort, these outlets can be blocked with outlet covers.

Exposed Electrical Cords

Exposed electrical cords are another attraction to toddlers.

Try to position cords so that they are out of reach. If possible tape or carefully staple the cord to the floor. Make sure that frayed cords are discarded.


Substations are another area that is off limits to unauthorized personnel.

The substation is an area that is surrounded by fencing for the purpose of creating a boundary and safe zone around large, energized equipment. No one should ever enter the fenced area for any reason.

Is there a power outage in your area?

When there's an emergency, we respond promptly and efficiently to any report in your community or neighborhood.